Do you believe in fairies? We do.

A garden loved by fairies is the loveliest garden of all! With their tiny toadstool homes, miniature pathways, bridges, and tiny garden creatures, Fairy Gardens are a great way to invite the fey folk into your home (or just into your garden, if you prefer not to let the wee winged folk run rampant through your house.)

A Fairy Garden Kitset is a fantastic DIY activity for anyone of any age and, with Christmas approaching, what better present could you give a loved one than a living miniature garden, filled with fairy magic?

Children will love assembling their very own Fairy Garden, but these tiny landscapes aren’t just fun for the kids! Micro-gardening has become quite the hobby for adults also, with “green places for small spaces” being particularly appealing for those who are downsizing or looking for the perfect centerpiece for an outdoor table.

Our Fairy Garden Kitsets are an ideal problem-solver for anyone looking for a unique gift for the young or young-at-heart. We currently have two kitset styles available, containing all the basics you need (including a living plant and soil) to create a magical habitat. We also stock a wide range of miniature fairy garden accessories, as well as living plants (succulents) to help ensure that each fairy garden is as unique as the person creating it.

As most of the items we sell are hand-made/painted, there may some paint imperfections or minor flaws incurred during their manufacturing process. Therefore with this in mind, we do our best to ensure that we price our products accordingly.

We also use recycled packaging as much as possible, to help cut down on the cost both to our customers and to our lovely planet!

To make your fairy garden – a few simple steps:

1. Empty 1 bag of lovely soil mix into your fairy pot
2. Place your plant complete in its wee pot into the fairy pot on top of the soil – either in the centre or towards the edge of the pot.
3. Using your hands or a spoon, gently fill the sides around your plant with the 2nd bag of lovely soil mix.
4. Decorate the top of your fairy garden with the special pebbles and stones provided.
5. You can place your mushrooms and ladybird wherever you fancy, and your fairy can be placed to your liking.
6. Anytime you like, you can re-arrange your fairy garden. You can also add special touches anytime you like … little flowers picked for your fairy for instance.
7. Water your plant to help it settle in.
8. Your plant loves the sun, but will also need water, just like us – so a little drink once a week is recommended.
9. You can add some of your own special findings from your garden if you wish…look for pebbles, acorns, pine cones, dried grasses, leaves, sticks, twigs, moss. Fairies love all of these!
10. Remember to wash your hands afterwards 🙂

The most popular pastimes of fairies are music and dancing, so when you feel like singing and dancing, the fairies may come out to listen. Even if you don’t see them, they will be enjoying listening from their special spots in your garden.

Let your imagination flow and above all, have fun!

fairy garden