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Magic Potion Recipe: Dream Drops

This simple recipe for magic dream drop potion has been shared by one of our Sweet Dream Fairies (not to be confused with the Sweat Dream Fairies!) to help young children have restful dreams!

What you’ll need:

1x clean cup or bottle
1x measurement of ordinary water
1x full moon (well, the more moons the merrier if you happen to live in a magical realm with more than one!)
Optional: 1x empty magic fairy vial per child

fairy magic vials


On the night of a full moon, fill your clean cup or bottle with ordinary water and leave it outside over night. Make sure it’s in a location where the moonbeams can reach it. The moon’s magic will transform the ordinary water into magic dream drop potion, which you can keep in your fridge or bottle into your magic fairy vials.

To use:

If you have your dream drop potion stored in magic fairy vials, all your child needs to do is keep it in a safe place beside their bed for the magic to take effect. If you’re storing it in a container within your fridge, just add a few drops to their last glass of water before they go to sleep.

magic dream drops


Magic Dream Drops aren’t a guarantee for peaceful sleep every night, but sometimes just knowing there’s a bit of fairy magic on their side is all the help a child needs!

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